"I came out of futsal and developed my skills in this way of football and play in the same way now as I did on the futsal courts."




Puget Sound Futsal- brings Futsal to the greater Seattle area.


  Having yet to develop a multi-tiered system which facilitates/highlights Futsal and street soccer throughout the nation, countless potential future stars of the sport are never afforded the opportunities to gain the necessary skill sets to push beyond the amateur level.


  Puget Sound Futsal believes futsal has potential now, today, not tomorrow here in the U.S. We have indoor facilities to accommodate the culture of futsal. We envision ushering in futsal culture throughout the city of  Seattle as an integral part of every soccer player’s upbringing.  Soccer and Futsal is centric to almost every nation, PSF aims to be at the center of neo-soccer culture in the greater Seattle area.